How social media influenced your #Food I.Accidental discovery of the Hashtag When I first heard of food porn during a shoot , I didn’t think much of it. If anything, I thought it was kind of a joke or a term that the agency creative coined himself (believing that he was trying to bring in … Continue Reading

It’s been 10 years that I have working in the industry as a Food stylist (The term Food stylist is relatively new for people outside our realm of work)Explained in simpler terms “A food stylist is like a cosmetic surgeon for food.He/she beautifies food to create a visual hook for consumers to influence their purchase decision of … Continue Reading

A pinch of salt- Gandhian era and now It’s a coincidence that as India prepares to enter into its 70th year of independence I happen to work on a salt brand for foodstyling. ‘Salt Satyagraha’ was a big precursor for the Indian Independence movement. So I decided to dig into its history a bit and check out … Continue Reading

A Happy New Year to you Our cherished moments have visuals,sounds and often a taste anchored to it too.Close your eyes, and go back to a favorite birthday you hold precious.Feel the teeth sinking into that creamy cake.Ah blissful! the stuff our food memories are made up of. Our forefathers, knew about the importance of food in … Continue Reading