Company overview

We are Asia’s leading food styling service provider. We’ve given food across various categories award winning,glamorous makeovers.We make food look delectable in advertisements, cookbooks,food packaging, menus, commercials and movies. A food stylist shapes and forms food, into its most appealing state.We turn a two dimensional photograph or a short brief into a three dimensional dish with mouthwatering appeal for your eye. We are akin to cosmetic surgeons for food. We understand a food category in depth, and re engineer it, to make it visually drool worthy.

We collaborate with advertising agencies, food photographers,production houses and often directly with food company’s brand managers.

Job description 

www.chefpayalgupta.com is looking for a Full time Marketing Manager with the following roles and responsibilities:-

  • Understand the work nature of www.chefpayalgupta.com,the customer segment, its regional distribution and cyclical nature of the business.
  • Develop marketing strategies for www.chefpayalgupta.com. These strategies should outline clearly how my organization will promote my services to its target market with an aim of increasing its sales volumes and maintaining a competitive edge over its competitors. The strategies developed will be both for short term and long term.Further these strategies will need to be evaluated and maintained.
  • Identify potential clients and implement innovative business strategies to generate maximum revenues by improving business process.
  • Support lead generation for new clients.
  • Development and positioning of brand Chef and Foodstylist Payal Gupta.The brand creation and positioning should be in alignment with the organization’s mission statement.
  • Researching demand for our service to understand its marketing scope.
  • Develop pricing strategies for the brand for different markets post studying the respective markets.
  • Producing press releases, commercials and other promotional material to market the brand with our advertising team.
  • Prepare a roadmap of advertisement and sales promotion and specify the channels for the same.
  • Handle media, public relations and corporate communications with TV channels,Radio channels, Online and print news channels.
  • Meet marketing targets on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.
  • Ensure brand participation and visibility in food events .
  • Handle social media and content marketing .

The candidates applying should have the following qualification:-


  • Should be a Graduate. If the candidate has a Bachelors degree or Masters degree in Business administration or Marketing .
  • Should have experience in marketing a Service and not product.
  • Experience in creating marketing campaigns,strategy and plan on a regular basis.
  • Experience in online marketing including social media and content marketing.
  • Should have excellent communication and written skills in English language.
  • Should have familiarity in working with research data and analyzing it.
  • Familiarity with photo and video editing software tools.
  • Be open to working from our office or their home,according to the business requirement.
  • He/she needs to have a friendly, social and spontaneous nature.
  • He or she should be detail-oriented and very scrupulous of meeting budget restraints and timelines .

Salary Offered

  • 30k plus incentive/month

Familiarize yourself with the company profile,services offered and clients, when applying.




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