Mawa Modak     Pic source This is one of the simplest sweets to make at home on this auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. You may even involve kids (budding foodstylist) while shaping modak and I guarantee that they will have a fun time doing it 🙂 Ingredients   Sweetened white peda mawa-300 gms Elaichi(Cardamom) … Continue Reading

It’s an Indian dessert made out of carrots. The best time to eat this is winter when the juicy red carrots are in season. Though it’s very famous dessert amongst North Indians now it enjoys popularity across India. As the winters have gone but red carrots are still seen around and Baisakhi is around the … Continue Reading

  This is tangy and crunchy South Indian rice dish.The beauty of the dish comes from the simplicity of spices used in it.I personally never eat this with any curry as it takes away from the dish so Curd and Papad are the best accompaniments with it. Make this as a Sunday meal and I … Continue Reading

A dish ‘of ‘and ‘for’ the Lord Ramnavami as we all know celebrates the birth of Lord Rama. And nothing better than celebrating the festival with a homemade dessert to entice god. Today I am sharing a recipe of Kheeranand with you. It’s an offshoot of kheer which most Indian households make during festivals. True … Continue Reading

Stuffed Brinjals In India the process of cooking and the ingredients used per say changes with the state. Today the Stuffed Brinjal recipe I am sharing is inspired by the Southern States of India. Please note that different varieties of baigan are used to make different kinds of dishes so choose your baigan accordingly.   … Continue Reading

Mango Shrikhand Our humble dessert is a great match for the Phirangi Greek Yoghurt!! Nothing beats it when the King of Fruits(Mango) lends it flavor :-))     Pic sourced from  The veggie Indian         It’s a thick flavored curd mostly eaten amongst Maharashtrians with puris but one may just serve it … Continue Reading