I grew up in Kolkata- the city of food, art, culture and ingenious Durga puja pandals. Ganesh Chaturthi and I were separated by land, ocean and different celebrations until I moved to Mumbai for work. And I have lived here for 14 seasons of Ganesh Chaturthi and 10 out of 14 seasons I have done … Continue Reading

  Onam is a Hindu festival of joy,solidarity and compassion that embodies Kerala’s cultural unity and pluralism.As I write this food blog, I and my family offer prayers for the people of Kerala.I hope God’s own country shines to its full glory again soon. For those new to the festival of Onam, it’s is a … Continue Reading

  This is tangy and crunchy South Indian rice dish.The beauty of the dish comes from the simplicity of spices used in it.I personally never eat this with any curry as it takes away from the dish so Curd and Papad are the best accompaniments with it. Make this as a Sunday meal and I … Continue Reading

Stuffed Brinjals In India the process of cooking and the ingredients used per say changes with the state. Today the Stuffed Brinjal recipe I am sharing is inspired by the Southern States of India. Please note that different varieties of baigan are used to make different kinds of dishes so choose your baigan accordingly.   … Continue Reading