A dish ‘of ‘and ‘for’ the Lord Ramnavami as we all know celebrates the birth of Lord Rama. And nothing better than celebrating the festival with a homemade dessert to entice god. Today I am sharing a recipe of Kheeranand with you. It’s an offshoot of kheer which most Indian households make during festivals. True … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Maharashtrian delight!!                                   Pic Courtesy :MAD about kitchen       Ingredients for cooking Sabudana-75 gms soak overnight which then weighs 180 gms Boiled potatoes-135 gms Green chillies chopped fine-5 to 6  Ginger-8 gms grated Whole Jeera-5 gms … Continue Reading

Stuffed Brinjals In India the process of cooking and the ingredients used per say changes with the state. Today the Stuffed Brinjal recipe I am sharing is inspired by the Southern States of India. Please note that different varieties of baigan are used to make different kinds of dishes so choose your baigan accordingly.   … Continue Reading

Mango Shrikhand Our humble dessert is a great match for the Phirangi Greek Yoghurt!! Nothing beats it when the King of Fruits(Mango) lends it flavor :-))     Pic sourced from  The veggie Indian         It’s a thick flavored curd mostly eaten amongst Maharashtrians with puris but one may just serve it … Continue Reading